Project Description


An interior focused on horizontal movements

The TinyTIM is a flexible and multifunctional tiny house. The interior is designed and based on horizontal and transversal movements, using only sliding mechanisms intuitive use of the space is encouraged. Within only 13-m2 all functions of a regular house is present. The couch can be turned into a bed and has storage space underneath and on the side. The table can be folded upwards to create more space, or can function as a room divider. The staircase can be slid out to be used for storage space, and the expandable kitchen countertops create extra space when needed. The kitchen and the bathroom are placed higher than the living quarters, this creates space for a slide-out bed which can be hidden underneath the kitchen floor. In tiny houses beds are often placed high to save space, but this isn’t suitable for everyone, we wanted to create a space that was accsessible for all age groups.

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