Project Description


Modular exhibition furniture for 21 individuals

Together with a collective we designed and built exhibition furniture for Driving Dutch Design, which was exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2017.
Within Driving Dutch Design, 21 design studio’s participated. These 21 designers all had different design disciplines in which they work, such as; animation, graphics, medical illustration, Product, and many more. The challenge was to design and create an exhibition with one overall theme/look, but with the flexibility for each designer to exhibit their design as they would want. We therefore decided each designer would get a designated floor slab, and on this slab they were allowed to choose two plinths, on which they could present their work. We designed and built 4 types of plinths to accomodate everyones needs. These plinths consist of a wooden structure and a sheet metal surface.  The surface plate can be placed by the individual however they would like. With this design we gave every designer the freedom to design their own space while still containing the overall look and feel of the exhibition.

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