Dutch Design Week 2016

Studio Nuance exposed at the Design Perron during the Dutch Design Week 2016. It was our first exposition as a design studio, and it was a big succes! We met some very interesting people, made friends, expanded our network and had a great time. A quick recap of what we were exposing during the Dutch Design

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Studio Nuance & Innovus

For this years Dutch Design Week we have collaborated with Innovus to create a total concept which showcases our newest furniture line, practical attitude and our firm belief in detail and subtle nuance, which is naturally affirmed by Innovus Coloured MDF Royal. For more information about our exposition and collaboration with Innovus  click here.     

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Forage = Mumo

Big news! Because of the great reactions we are getting from Forage and the technology implemented isn't quiet there yet so we have decided to start developing Forage without the smart technology. Thus we decided to change the name to Mumo, which stands for MUltifunctional MOdular. Mumo will become a multi-functional rack hanging system with of

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Yatno Photo & Videoshoot

We are very busy with the development of the new Yatno furniture line. We are currently taking photos and videos of Yatno Dua. Yatno Dua is the storage system of the furniture line, with even more options than before. We will present the new Yatno furniture line during the Dutch Design Week 2016, more information

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Forage on BNR Radio

Our Forage concept will be heard on BNR Radio. Lars will be explaining the Forage concept for the radio program eyeopeners. Eyeopeners is about innovations that have an impact in your lives. For health, the city where you live, your career, and your free time. Eyeopeners is a show for early adopters and easy followers. Visit www.bnr.nl/radio/bnr-eyeopeners/ for more

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Forage DDW 2015

Forage is on display during the Dutch Design Week 2015, at the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Lars will be present during the whole week to explain the concept, come and visit and have a talk with him! Visit the Forage website for more information on the project. Dutch Design Week 2015 Graduation Show Opening Times

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Renault Design Award 2015

Studio Nuance received an invite to take part in the Renault Design Award 2015 held at the Kazerne in Eindhoven. Four design duos compete against each other, designing a lifestyle product with the Renault design philosophy within 48 hours. These 48 hours will be filmed and in a web series of four episodes our design

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Yatno Piet Zoomers Den Bosch

During the DDW 2014, employees of Piet Zoomers, a high-end fashion retailer in the Netherlands (www.pietzoomers.com) approached us. They were intrigued by the Yatno project and the concept and appearance inspired them. They asked if we wanted to display Yatno in their shop in Den Bosch. Ofcourse we agreed, this is a big opportunity for

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